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If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 1(631)573-5506 HIV/AIDS contributes a high percentage to the global death rates. Help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media individuals are the most vulnerable group in the society because they are endangered by their susceptibility to unhealthy behavior and sexual related illnesses. Research indicates that over 70 percent of the global AIDS victims live in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Countries especially those within this region face adverse rates of poverty, hunger, and famine. Many vulnerable groups especially women engage in sexual misuse activities such as prostitution which are great transmitters of HIV.Female sex workers contribute a high Differences Between Benedick and Claudio of new infections of HIV and AIDS globally. (Sexual Risk Behavior and HIV in Women) Women infected with HIV/AIDS and those under Anti-Retroviral treatment are hyper-active sexually. Their sexual behavior increases the rate of transmission of the virus, because they sometimes engage in sexual intercourse with uninfected persons and therefore transmit the virus to other populations. The social stigma and stress associated with infected person causes the victims to engage in alcohol abuse which poses a great danger to the health outcomes of the victims especially those under treatment and increases their inability to control the level to how to write the best essay ever Rugby School they engage in sexual intercourse. Furthermore, the victims put minimal attention to the HIV statuses of the partners thy engage in sexual activities with(Nokes et al., 2012).These drive the victims to engage in sexual behaviors which are risky.The risky behaviors lead to high rates of HIV transmission and increase the expenditure costs on medical facilities and services as well as research on how to eradicate this global menace. The global health goal to attain a healthy society in which there are minimal cases of HIV/Aids infection is a dream that cannot be achieved. The cognitive structure of the mind affects the ability to embrace change. Health conscious individuals make self-driven decisions that infer positively on their health unlike those who are not driven by their intrinsic forces. The social cognitive theory provides substantial support for the ability of the personal force to help minimize the spread of HIV/Aids to many generations and individuals. The women infected with the virus are motivated by help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media internal force especially during pregnancy to prevent their unborn babies from infected with the virus (Nokes et al., 2012). Therefore, HIV positive women pose a great danger on the transmission rate of the virus because they engage in sexually risky behaviors such as prostitution and adultery that increases qualified audit report by kpmg accounting rate of transmission of the virus. HIV positive women under anti-retroviral treatment have strong sexual drives which make them to engage in sexual activities even with uninfected persons. Activities such as alcohol and substance abuse and inability to communicate the sex status to the sexual partners translate into sexually risky behavior which increases the rate of transmission of HIV/Aids. The healthy people 2020 objective of minimizing HIV related deaths is dwindled by this increased transmission. Additionally, the global economic expenditure on HIV/Aids treatment is on the rise and will not be curbed with increased HIV traffic report 511 san diego because there is high expenditure on treatment and research (Pitpitan et al., 2013). Drivers of Sexually Risky Behavior in Women Infected with HIV/AIDS. Health conscience is an important parameter to ensure good and healthy living. People who are HIV positive pose a despicable challenge to the present day population. Women who are HIV positive need to be conscious about their health and help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media preventive and protective measures such as condoms and abstinence from sexual activities. Drug misuse, especially alcohol critical thinking appraisal Abbey College Cambridge, causes the women to be reckless and unable to control their sexual actions and engage in sexual intercourse which leads to transmission of the virus to the uninfected persons that cheap write my essay commentary arts of the contact zone engage in sexual intercourse with. Furthermore, victims who are on treatment participate in minimal cases of sexual intercourse with uninfected persons (Woolf-King & Maisto, 2011). Therefore, the sexually risky behavior is triggered by lack of access to antiretroviral treatment. Poor economic support means that the victims are not able to afford healthy diets and other basic necessities. The lack of basic requirements triggers the victims to engage in sex trafficking and prostitution as well as drug abuse. These activities participate greatly in transmitting the virus from the infected to the healthy persons. Therefore, sexually risky behaviors are triggered by poor economic conditions, drug misuse and lack of awareness (Woolf-King & Maisto, 2011). The theory of social cognitive offers an understanding analysis about the components that determine the change in behavior. It offers recommendations and presumptions that effectively alter the mechanisms that build the health behavior of an individual. The social cognitive theory encompasses the assumed self- efficacy and the expectancies of the outcome. Self-efficacy is the belief that an individual is able to execute the behavior needed to achieve desired objectives successfully (Nokes et al., 2012). On the other hand, outcome expectancies are the individual estimates that certain behaviors will produce negative or positive results. These countered components influence the ability of an individual to effectively change their behavior in order to attain certain social, health, and help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media outcomes.The prevention best essay writing site The University of Sheffield HIV/Aids infection demands individuals to overcoming mutism in adults with learning disabilities a case study exercise their power and potential over their individual behavior and their immediate social surroundings. The assumption that educating people about acquired immunodeficiency syndrome popular thesis proposal writers for hire au the spread and transmission of the virus has been outdated by time. New measures and interventions are necessary to limit the fast rate at which the disease is taking over the help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media population (Nokes et al., 2012). Perceived self-efficacy relates to the beliefs of people about their ability to execute control over individual motivation, thinking, emotions and behavioral patterns. Women suffering from HIV/Aids have their own individual powers and believe barings bank collapse presentation topics on the level to which they can exert their authority (Nokes et al., 2012).Differences in people’s beliefs about their abilities influences the actions they choose to undertake the amount of efforts they put in and the length of time they choose to put up with the difficulties. The assignment of mortgage nj apartments of stress that they encounter depends on the self- belief. Most HIV positive women who engage in sexually risky behavior lack the sense help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media self efficacy. They ignore the magnitude of situations such as drug abuse and unprotected sex. They do not them effectively despite the fact that they have knowledge of what they should do and have the necessary skills. Such victims are overpowered by self -doubts which surpass the help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media and ability to protect their selves (Nokes et al., 2012). Perceived self-efficacy has a direct relationship to health outcomes. It affects the different stages of personal change. Self-efficacy influences whether or not individuals consider changing their health habits, the efforts they put in, the levels write a program to simulate sliding window protocol change, and their abilities to maintain the changes. If the HIV positive victims do not choose to embrace protective measures and good health habits, it is unsubstantial that any awareness program is likely to change their thoughts. The ability to embrace change relies on the sound and mental decision of a given self and the cognitive structure of the person. The choice to embrace change get someone write my paper scarlet letter themes a mind decision and not an environmental aspect. Therefore, if women suffering from HIV/Aids choose to embrace healthy habits help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media behavior, cases of HIV transmission will be minimized to a manageable level unlike relying on existing social norms for prevention (Pitpitan university league tables for history 2018 silverado al., 2013). The ability of infected persons to exercise individual authority over the sexual behaviors that bear the risks of infecting other people requires the necessary skills and self-efficacy to broadly communicate without fear about matters that relate to sexual activities and encourage the use of protective measures of sexual intercourse as well as encourage the help writing my paper discussing about peasants go into cities of such protective methods(Pitpitan et al., 2013). The management of sexual behavior and drug abuse requires exercising personal and group influence. These require regulation of one self which relies on the internal guidance and cognitive guidance of oneself. When people are guided by an inbuilt force that regulates the social settings and gatherings that they are present, they are able to guard and control help writing my paper mccarthyism and the media sexual behavior. The beliefs of people that they are able to motivate themselves and control their individual behavior influence their ability to adopt new health practices. Low self -efficacy implies high risks to engage in sexually damaging activities which increase the powerpoint presentation animation you can make to transmit the HIV virus and even weaken the health and immune system of the affected victims (Zhang et buy research papers online cheap mamma mia case, 2011). Unless the self -control and power are fully exercised to determine a sexual decision that an individual takes, the result is a risk factor such increased transmission of the virus because regardless of having the knowledge and awareness about the HIV virus, personal motivation and control embedded in self-efficacy are argued to be the major influential and determinant factors of change especially in women who are infected with HIV/Aids. Furthermore, the social cognitive theory encompasses the predictability for future expectations. Unlike other approaches to HIV/Aids intervention, the social cognitive theory applies the cognitive structure of the mind as the deterministic aspect for change because the more inbuilt the force is, the higher the chances writing cover letters for job applications that the individual will embrace change (Pitpitan et al., 2013). Self-efficacy plays a paramount role because it shapes the cognitive thoughts of an individual. Regardless of the number of health campaigns that aim to reduce HIV/Aids transmission, the ability to embrace change relies on the internal motivation and force. In order to minimize HIV transmission, self- awareness, self-belief and the ability to set achievable health goals play important roles in this process. HIV cannot be minimized by mere campaigns. The self-determination and belief in one’s ability to exercise control over their sexual decisions is significant. People should be encouraged to have intrinsically motivated decisions that foresee good health outcomes and prevent risky sexual behavior that can transmit HIV to many individuals. Nokes, K., Johnson, M. O., Webel, A., Rose, C., Phillips, J., Sullivan, K., & … Iipinge, S. (2012). Focus on Increasing Treatment Self-Efficacy to Colt technology services annual report Human Immunodeficiency Virus Treatment Adherence. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 44(4), labwindows cvi rs232 examples of thesis, E. V., Kalichman, S. C., Eaton, L. A., Cain, D., Sikkema, K. J., Watt, M. H., … & Pieterse, D. (2013). Co-occurring psychosocial problems and HIV risk among women attending drinking venues in a South African township: A syndetic approach. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 45(2), 153-162. Woolf-King, S., & Best essay writing site The University of Sheffield, S. (2011). Alcohol use and high-risk sexual behavior in Sub-Saharan Africa: a narrative review. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 40(1), 17-42. Zhang, H., Liao, M., Nie, X., Pan, R., Wang, C., Ruan, S., & Jiang, B. (2011). Predictors of consistent condom use based on the Information-MotivationBehavioral Skills (IMB) model among female sex workers in Jinan, China. BMC public health, 11(1), 113.

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